Stage Management Tips For Success in Theatre

Behind the scenes of some fantastic stage performance is a tremendous stage team. Stage managers help direct the production to flow smoothly from scene to scene. By professional lighting to noise effects, they know all the technical elements of what goes to a stunning show. There are qualities excellent stage supervisors embody and specific items they bear in mind to ensure a successful show. The following are characteristics of successful stage managers: Lead by Example As is typical of human character, stage managers understand that using so many distinct styles

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The Impact of Digital on Major Australian Performing Companies

Digital technology is impacting on significant performing arts concerning business practices, advertising, and reaching audiences. Some of the core trends to impact on all individuals and business in society, such as the performing arts, including Cloud computing, web 2.0 and social networking, Internet freedom, the National Broadband Network, 3D, the pervasiveness of”mash-ups,” cinemas as cultural areas and the digital productions. By way of instance, major performing arts companies are most likely to benefit from company efficiencies provided by cloud computing, and the personalised marketing made possible by social networking. However

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