It appears that we still crave the live experience of storytelling and enjoy the unique experience with the performer.

But, Technology has forced this age-old amusement to accommodate in many facets including the creation, distribution and promotion.

Digital Performance

Theatres throughout the world have started to adopt these new changes in technology integrating them in their productions. Timothy Birds great production of the legendary Pippin, he weaved in an avatar sword (that was computer-generated) fighting a celebrity live on stage, merging the components of technology and reality. On the point of Sunday in the Park with George, the crowd saw a Seurat painting slowly come to life in the series which cemented Knifedge’s standing gaining an Olivier award for Best Set Design in 2007.

Although changes like these are often met with backlash, it’s difficult to argue against the fact that technology permits directors to take creative risks that more and more are seen to be paying off.